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Wine has been a part of Ukrainian culture and heritage since the 4th century BC. There are several different types and varieties of wine that are found in Ukraine. Not only does Ukraine produce traditional wines, such as Muscats and Chardonnays, but they also have the ability to create stunning and world renown dry red wines. To anyone that has traveled to Ukraine and sampled the native wine, they know just how rare and special this wine is. For the best Ukrainian wine, people regularly turn to Kolonist and Old Country Wines. Not only are we able to make recommendations and suggestions for the best Ukrainian wine available, but  are able to help direct you to the best wine retailers in the area, so that you can bring a piece of the Ukrainian culture home with you.

While our website is solely intended to help educate and direct people to the right type of wine for their needs, we are also able to help connect you with fine Wine Retail locations.  Trust the experts at Old Country Wine with your Ukrainian wine needs. Not only do we listen to the needs and wants of our customers, we educate them about all aspects of the wine including how the wine was produced, sourced, and how the wine will taste with various meal pairings. Trust the professionals at Kolonist and Old Country Wines to provide in depth detail that will help to further educate and influence your wine selection. Turn to us as your trusted wine importers for Old World and Ukrainian wine, imported from the site of production.

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