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Odessa Black Wine

A trip to Ukraine in 2017 led us to a restaurant in Lviv,Ukraine  where we discovered a wonderful wine that is produced in the Danubian Peninsula area of southern Ukraine . Located on the shores of Lake Yalpug this small winery Kolonist produces some of the best wines of the new Region designation of New-Old World Wines.

It is with great pride and purpose that we are able to bring these fine wines to North America for the very first time. Very unique dry reds and whites of exceptional quality and taste both Odessa Black and Sukholymanske  wines are made from grapes indigenous to the Bessarabian area of southern Ukraine.  

Newly introduced in January of 2020 they are already ribbon winners at the winefest shows in Edmonton and Calgary. These are wines you will not want to miss exploring and adding to your list of favorites. 

Include these fine imported wines of Ukraine in your traditional festivities and of course at weddings and other social events.