lOlOdessa Black 

Made from Odessa black grapes grown in the Danube Bessarabia, in the Black Sea region. 

History of origin

Odessa black (known in Europe as Aliberne) is a unique local grape variety that was bred in Ukraine in the second half of the twentieth century, namely in 1957. Alicante Boucher and Cabernet Sauvignon became the parents of the Odessa black variety.

Wines from the Odessa Black variety are the hallmark of Ukrainian winemaking. This variety of wine was bred at the Research Institute of Ukraine of Viticulture and Enology. Tairov, and like no other grape variety, it is full of a certain local Ukrainian flavor.

Odessa black grapes are not demanding in care and have a huge potential for winemaking. This variety of wine due to its bright deep ruby ​​color and rich taste is extremely easy to distinguish from many red wines. The Odessa black variety is often used in the production of red sweet and dessert wines. For the production of dry red wines, this variety was previously often used in blends to give the wine its tannin, color and aroma. Nowadays, this variety can be found of decent quality in pure varietal form.

The high yield of the variety allows winemakers to produce more beverages from this variety with different aging periods: from young to aged wine.

Due to the frost resistance of the vine, Odessa black wines can be classified from dry to dessert wine, depending on the time of harvest. As a rule, the harvest of this grape variety takes place in late September and early October.

Table wines have a bright, sparkling ruby ​​color, with solanaceous notes in the aroma; dessert wine "Odessa Black" has a thick rich color with chocolate notes in the taste. In addition to still wines, this variety is widely used for making juices and as a wine material for the production of sparkling wines. Unbelievable, but this variety in Ukraine can be found even in the performance of ice wines, in particular, in Transcarpathia!

This variety is not only popular among winemakers because of the taste of berries, Odessa black grapes are also attractive in appearance: saturated with deep purple, closer to the black hue of berries and grape leaves have a specific color. Grapes look especially attractive when, with the advent of autumn, the green leaves change color to yellow and crimson.

Odessa black wine

Winemakers of Ukraine widely use the Odessa black variety for production of local wines. As raw materials this grade travels across all Ukraine: the Nikolaev and Odessa areas act as the constant supplier both for winemakers from the South of our country, and for the Western Ukraine.

Features of production of Odessa black wine


The fertile lands of Odessa region give winemakers the opportunity to grow both unique local varieties of grapes for Ukraine and analogues of the best European varieties of vines. The vineyards of Odessa Black are located in the Ukrainian Danube Bessarabia, in the Black Sea region, pruning vines only by hand, harvesting for the production of wine "Odessa Black" is also done manually. And the close location of the freshwater lake to the vineyards creates a unique microclimate and balances the temperature.
The climate and location in the valley of the freshwater lake Yalpug allow the grapes to receive a double dose of sunlight, which allows the berries to ripen well and be saturated with sweetness. And the unique loamy soil, which consists of wide layers of limestone, chalk soils and shell rock, allows the grapes to gain acidity. It is important to note the large difference between day and night temperatures in this region. All these growth conditions together give grapes of the highest quality, which in the future "Colonist" uses to make natural wine.

Organoleptics of Odessa black "Colonist"

Odessa red wine "Colonist" is made by traditional winemaking technology of dry wines. This wine is aged for 6 months in French barrels made of century-old oak, which gives the drink a developed taste with tones of mulberry, prunes and smoky notes and bright cheapness.

Bright and charismatic dry aged Odessa black has the potential to mature from 3 and more years from the year of harvest, while maintaining and saturating its taste and aroma.

Combination with food and rules of serving Odessa black

Odessa black "Colonist" perfectly harmonizes with complex meat dishes, hot salads and smoked meats. Do not be afraid to combine Odessa black wine with fatty dishes such as pork skewers or lamb stew. High balanced acidity and good cheapness will unsurpassed competition with a fatty dish, will not allow wine to dissolve and will help you to cope with a generous dinner. There can also be gastronomic experiments on the table, for example, Odessa black can be combined with chocolate fondant, chocolate dessert or even creme brulee.

The wine will perfectly open its bouquet and give a taste in a glass of tulip-shaped Bordeaux class (450-700 ml) at a temperature of +16 to +18 ° C. 


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Din is a popular choice on business and tech sites. It's also a good font for creating page titles with impact.